The mailer is our way of getting our voices heard and our name out on the street.  It's a way for us to meet you face-to-face and also give you a sense of who we are, our goals and intentions and understanding that we recognize that you have a product or service that yearns for exposure.  It's an old school method but it works.  The mailer reads:


  People often say, "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is." This is usually the case but not this time. At Ones&Zeros we understand that companies would enjoy having a means to promote their businesses on several platforms such as television, social media & company websites. We are here to provide that service to you at little to no cost. How do we do it you ask? We do it by implementing techniques that bring forth high production value and a combined 40 years experience in the Film & Television industry. Like many of you, we too are a flourishing business. We are looking to expand our show reel. A show reel is a showcase of completed work that we will use to market ourselves. Here's how the "help us help you" part works: In order to build a show reel, we need content! In order to obtain content, we need locations! By providing us with a location (your business) we can obtain content (your product). We will then cut together a complete High-Definition or UHD promotional spot for you to use on television, social media or your company website for FREE while we build our reel. It's that easy! 

The tag line means a lot to us.  It is our way of conveying the importance your role plays in this process.  Without your help, we are helpless.  We need your help and we want to deliver the favor in return for free.  Hence the "You can't afford to not help us get started!"  

We truly do look forward to working with you soon.

Help us help you!